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Weight Restrictions on all St. Clair County 
Weight Restricted Roadways

If weight restrictions are being enforced...

Weight limits will be placed on all St. Clair County weight restricted roadways.   At this time, trucks must reduce axle weight by 35% on all weight restricted  roads, with the associated speed limit maximum of 35 MPH.

During the period weight restrictions are in place, all excess load permits are suspended.  Reduced load restrictions are not lifted during intermittent cold weather periods.

No OVER WEIGHT permits will be issued during this period without special permission.  Over weight vehicles transporting during this time will be in violation of weight restrictions and will be cited.

Reduce load restrictions are put in place in an effort to minimize surface and sub-surface damage during the warming weather.


If weight restrictions are off ...

Normal loading will resume on all St. Clair County Roads.

Weight restrictions are imposed by the Road Commission per Act 300, Sec. 257.722 (2) of the Michigan Motor Vehicle Code.


General Information .....

For further information, please contact the Weight Restrictions Hotline at 810-388-4047 or Special Services during normal business hours at 810-364-5720.

Weight restrictions are load limitations placed on trucks.  During late winter and early spring, when seasonal thawing occurs, the load limits and speeds are reduced on the roadway which becomes susceptible to damage during this season.  When seasonal weight restrictions are being enforced it  applies to all roads under the St. Clair County Road Commission's jurisdiction with the exception of the roads listed on our All Season Roads - Class A list.  

You can also find a list of Restricted Roads here.

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