St. Clair County Dashboard

The St. Clair County Road Commission (SCCRC) has created this dashboard as a way to assist our residents in understanding the financial and operational demands placed upon us and our responses to those ever-changing demands.  Please click on the below links to see what your Road Commission is doing to address these challenges.

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Road Classification Reduced Funding PASER Ratings Winter Maintenance
MTF Resources Employee Count Bridge Ratings Material Cost Increases
MTF Distribution Elimination of Debt Expenditures Construction costs
Revenue Matching Federal Funds Increased Construction Costs Fuel Costs

Road Classification

The SCCRC is responsible for maintaining 2,060 miles of road and 228 bridges (which is the second highest bridge count in the State of Michigan).






Reduced Funding:

Beginning in 2004, Road Commissions throughout the State of Michigan have seen a reduction in their main source of revenue for road and bridge maintenance, the Michigan Transportation Fund (MTF) revenues received from vehicle registrations and the gas tax. As a result of the gas tax being a flat 19 cents per gallon, combined with reductions in gallons of fuel purchased by the public (resulting from more fuel efficient vehicles, increased popularity of hybrids/alternative fuel vehicles, and higher cost of fuel at the pumps) have negatively impacted our MTF revenues.  Recent legislative changes should result in increased revenues beginning in 2017.



Material Cost Increases



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