All Season Roads - Class A:

Airport Drive & Wills Drive Entire Length
Barth-Taylor-Dunlap Griswold Rd to M-21
Bethuy Road M-29 to Marine City Hwy.
Capac Road I-69 to Capac Village Limits & Capac Village Limits to M-21
Chartier Road King Rd to M-29
County Line Road 1/2 mile South of Meisner Rd to Gratiot Road
Davis Road Range Road to M-29
Division Road Gratiot to I-94
Dove Road Range Road to Port Huron City Limits
Fred Moore Hwy I-94 to St. Clair City Limits
Gratiot Road County Line Road to I-94
Griswold Road Dunlap Road to 32nd St.
Goodells Road R.R. Track to M-21
Howard Street 32nd Street to 24th Street
Keewahdin Road M-136 to Lakeshore Road
King Road Chartier Road to Fred Moore Hwy.
Koehn Road Capac Road to 1300 ft. east of Capac Road
Lakeshore Road Keewahdin Road to M-25
Lapeer Road Cade Road to 24th Street
Marine City Highway King Road to County Line Road
Metcalf Road Detroit Water Board Entrance to M-25
North River / North Road Wadhams Road to M-136
Palms Road M-29 to Marine City Highway
Palms Road Division Road to Gratiot Road
Puttygut Road Wadhams Road to Range Road
Range Road Ashley Road to Brown Street
Smiths Creek Road Landfill (East of Richman Road) to Range Road
24th Street Dove Road to Lapeer Road
32nd Street Griswold Road to Lapeer Road
32nd Street Ravenswood Road to Dove Road
Vincent Road Wadhams Road to M-136
Wadhams Road  I-94 to Vincent Road
Water Street Port Huron City Limits to I-94
Wildcat Road M-136 to Fisher Road


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