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e City Highway Bridge
1)  Road Reconstruction
a. Lapeer Road
b. Fred Moore Highway
c. Lapeer and Allen Roundabout
2)  Drainage
a. Merrill Road Bridge
b. Wales Center Road Bridge
c. Gratiot Road Bridge
d. Hessen Road Bridge (Columbus)
e. Hessen Road Bridge (Ira)
f. Marine City Highway Bridge
  g. Tubspring Culvert
h. Reeves Culvert
i. State Culvert
j. Swan Creek Culvert
k. Duce Culvert
l. Meskill Culvert
m. Burt Culvert
n. Wales Center Culvert
o. Marine City Highway Bridge
p. Marine City Highway Bridge
q. Hough Road Bridge
3)  Micro-Surface
a. Lakeshore Road
b. Hough/North Avenue
c. Palms Road
d. River Pointe Subdivision
4)  Overlay
a. Rattle Run
b. Puttygut Road
c. Colony Isles Subdivision
d. Hatheway Area
e. St. Clair Highway
f. Atkins Road
g. Parker Road
h. Beach Road
i. Shortcut Road
j. Flinchbaugh Road
k. Smiths Creek Road
l. Vincent Road
5)  Chip Seal
a. Belle River Road
b. Rattle Run
c. Comstock/Yale Road
d. Dryden Road
e. Hough Road
f. North Avenue
g. Bryce Road
h. Imlay City Road - Downey Road
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Project Completed
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